Farewell for now.

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Cahalen and Eli have come to a diverging road, for the time being. 6 years of touring has been life giving, and the music we’ve made will last at least another 6.
We will finish this chapter on an up note down under in Australia next week (see tour here). Another record may surface after some time.
We are both grateful for genuine connection with so many pillar individuals and musicians in many different locales. Our thanks to you for your support and ears.
See you around the bend.

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Portland, Seattle and the UK!

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Hey folks, we’re getting ready to head out again. Ear Trumpet Labs Speakeasy in Portland on the 29th, and the Tractor Tavern in Seattle on the 30th as a kickoff for our UK tour, starting on the Sept 3rd at Didmarton Bluegrass Festival! Dates are all up, come say howdy! 

Here’s an unrecorded song, All Over Babylon, that we shot at up in Sorrento, BC a while back!

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